Privacy Policy

Your personal data is not sold or given to third parties

Your data will only be used by Goods for Nerd. We promise to never sell or give away your data. Although in some cases we will use external providers, please know that they will only work on our behalf and in accordance with our requirements.

We are transparent about how we use your data

On this page you will find the treatments that have to do with your personal data: where, when, how and why we process your data, as well as the list of your rights.

Our communications will be relevant

Whatever your passion, our goal is to support you in the best possible way in your activities and in the choice of products.

Against online scams

It may happen that you come across content that is not attributable to Goods For Nerd, such content is aimed, more or less in a non-transparent way, at collecting data.

Generalizing, you can encounter 3 cases:
  1. Using Goods For Nerd gift cards to capture personal data for marketing purposes.
  2. The improper use of the Goods For Nerd trademark to advertise prize competitions unrelated to Goods For Nerd
  3. The improper use of the Goods For Nerd brand to steal electronic payment information (phishing)

How to identify if an action is conducted by Goods for Nerds?

Goods For Nerd communications link to our website ( customer care online, mailbox

What advice should you follow?

Any Company can duly use Goods For Nerd gift vouchers, but when you entrust your personal data to a Company, it assumes the role of data controller and is responsible for managing it correctly. Always check who is the data controller, the reliability of his promise and the contact points.