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Mellow Voron CNC Tap Support 5V/24V Voltage With LDO Z1 MGN9 Rail Carriage OptTap Pcb 5V-24V Safe Operation For Voron 2 Trident

Mellow Voron CNC Tap Support 5V/24V Voltage With LDO Z1 MGN9 Rail Carriage OptTap Pcb 5V-24V Safe Operation For Voron 2 Trident

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Brand Name: Mellow

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Bracket(Support)

Model Number: 10CNCTAP

Mellow work team
Thank you for coming to our shop. We are committed to developing 3D printer accessories that can be used on all 3D printers. We have 3 main product lines: NF Extruders, NF Hotends and FLY Motherboards and Electronics. We hope our products will bring you a better overall user experience. If you have any ideas (products, use, sales), please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Our product, the Voron CNC Tap, is a nozzle-based z-probe designed by the Voron team for V2 and Trident printer designs. The original version was 3D printed, but due to insufficient strength and inability to lightweight, we opted for CNC manufacturing. Our goal is to achieve a lightweight design while maintaining strength.
The CNC Tap is characterized by its extreme precision, reaching 0.4μm (0.0004mm), and can adapt to any printing surface and can be replaced at will. Its durability comes from the optical sensor, which can withstand millions of probing cycles. Also, the CNC Tap can work reliably in high temperature environments from 70C to 100C.
Our CNC Tap uses a simplified probing mechanism, no need to use complex dock/undock macros, and no separate Z-endstop is required. Moreover, it has a new magnet structure that allows the magnet's magnetism to be adjusted, so that it can be adjusted when the customer does not need too much magnetism.
The CNC Tap is mounted on the MGN-12H X-axis, with its extruder located at the front (Clockwork2, LGX). The accuracy of the CNC Tap depends on the good mechanical condition, so please be sure to maintain the good condition of the mechanical device.
The production process of the CNC Tap is complex and requires a high-precision 5-axis machine to produce this component. However, we believe that such a production process is worth it, because we love the metal texture and design of this product, and we believe that every customer will love our design.
Please note, the CNC Tap requires a 5V voltage at the toolhead, or a special 24V sensor PCB. Also, to ensure the precision of the CNC Tap, the stability of the bed surface must be ensured, and the probing force should be 500-800 grams. The beds of Switchwire, V1.8, Legacy, and V0 are not stable enough for the use of CNC Tap.
In summary, our CNC Tap is a high-precision, high-stability z-probe with adjustable magnetism. Both in design and function, it will bring a new experience to your 3D printing.


TAP+CNC Bracket+Ldo Slider(Includes Mechanical Switch Bracket)


CNC TAP Bracket(Includes Mechanical Switch Bracket)


CNC Hall Braket

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