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Free Shipping from ES 1800W Parabolic Solar Cooker Solar Stove Oven for Home Outdoor Steamed Boiled Stewed Fried Various Foods

Free Shipping from ES 1800W Parabolic Solar Cooker Solar Stove Oven for Home Outdoor Steamed Boiled Stewed Fried Various Foods

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Specification: Diameter 150CM

Shape: Round

Reflector QTY: 6PCS

Product name: 1800W Solar Powered Rice Stove Oven Solar Cooker

Power: 1800W

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: MSC1800

Max Temperature: 1000W

Material: High quality Carbon steel+Magnesia+Vacuum aluminized film

Focus: Partial focus

Cook water time: 37 minuter/3KGS water

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Certification: FCC

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Brand Name: Mars Rock

Installation Video

Product Description

Product Introduction.

Solar stove is a kind of appliance(stove) that collects solar energy for cooking and burning water.

The key component of the solar stove is the polarizing mirror, which not only has the choice of mirror material, but also has a geometric design.

The most common mirrors are silver-plated or aluminum-plated glass mirrors, aluminum polished mirrors and polyester thin film aluminized materials.

It is a new type of kitchen utensils that uses sunlight as energy. It does not use coal, electricity, liquefied gas, firewood, or a penny. It only uses sunlight to convert heat energy to boil water, cook, and stir-fry. It can be used in sunny places throughout the year without any pollution to the environment. It is a product that the world advocates energy conservation and environmental protection. Convenient and save money, one-time investment for life-long income. The stove can be used only when it is placed in a sunny place. The reflector is stamped and formed by high-quality carbon steel plate, which is composed of multiple pieces, which can be disassembled and stored, saving space, and the surface is treated with rust prevention. The overall structure of the solar cooker is compact and light, easy to install, small in packaging, and easy to carry! The high-quality vacuum aluminized film is pasted on the reflector, and the bracket is made of high-quality steel.


1. Large expansion area, concentrated spot and high temperature,

2. The reflector is stamped from high-quality original steel plate and is treated with enhanced strength, which lasts longer than the average solar cooker.

3. The steel plate is treated with anti-rust treatment and has stronger weather resistance.

4. The solar cooker is composed of square steel plates with small packaging capacity for easy handling and transportation.

5. Do not use any fuel and electricity, use safe and environmentally friendly. Zero carbon emissions.

6. Optional wheels for easy movement.

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Product Paramenters

Mars Rock Power Soalr Cooker specification
Positive focus
Partial focus
Max Temperature
1000 degree
1200 degree
High quality Carbon steel+Vacuum aluminized film
Reflective area
focal length
90 degree
90 degree
30 degree(360 degree Rotate)
Operating height
Packing Size
Cook water time
1)Testing place: China,2) Time: December 01 PM: 12:00-13:00, 3)Season: Winter, 4)Temperature:10 degrees 5) wind power is 2-3
37 minuter/3KGS water
21 minuter/3KGS water

Installation Instructions

Install Procedures:

Install Procedures:

Step #1 Install Supporting legs rack

Fix 3 supporting legs to the tripod base by tightening screws M7.

Step #2 Assemble six reflectors together

Lay six reflectors in order on even ground ,attached all screws on the hole of there reflectors, then tighten them by wrench one by one.

*Left these reflector's third hole vacant(from inside to outside).

*Should protect the film on reflector, don't scratch.

Step #3 Fix U-Bolt Assembly

Fix U-Bolt assembly to reflectors by screw like above step.

Step #4 Fix Reflector Bracket

Lay the reflector bracket on U-Bolt, then fix them by tightening screw.

Step #5 Install cross supporting bar and split the pin

Connecting cross supporting bar with reflector bracket , fix them together by installing split pin to the hole at both ends of this reflector bracket.

*Don't forget to split the pin, or it will loose!

Step #6 Put supporting legs racket and reflectors bracket together

Lift the whole the reflectors panel with your assistant and fit the cross supporting bar to the hole of supporting legs rack, tightening the screw 10 in order to fix them together.

Step #7 Install spiral regulating device

Connecting reflector bracket with cross supporting bar by spiral regulating device. Firstly, fix this device's tail to the connector where at the bottom of cross supporting bar by tightening screw , then fix this device's head with reflector racket, same as above.

*The spiral regulating device is length-adjustable

*The head should be the rocking handle side of this device.

Step #8 Install Supporting Bar

Install supporting bar on the cross supporting bar, fitting them together with the help of screw M10

Step #9 Install Stove Ring and Reinforcement Rod

Fix stove ring at the top and support it by installing reinforcement rod, which connecting stove ring with cross bar, then tighten the screw

For better understand the installation, inviting you to view our above instruction vedio.

Packaging and shipping

Product Application

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